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Technological developments in this advanced era, arguably the very rapid. Recorded first mobile device was created in 1973, which has now spread more widely known as a smart phone or a smartphone with advanced features. As with any innovation, the electronics company has also managed to create a powerful tool bernamakan tablet pc. Has a distinctively wide screen, can be used to communicate as well as the means of the internet and so on. Not to mention such other sophisticated devices phablet, ultrabook, macbook etc..

Up here, maybe many are asking, why the development of technology in this world So much fast? Then it will be answered that in addition to the important role technology company officials, no media that facilitate the spread of information technology quickly and easily. Is the latest technology news portal, one of the most media play a role in the spread of the latest developments rather than the technology itself.

Latest Technology News Portal

Speaking of portal sites, as we all know that the main task is carried presents daily updates on the latest information technology. So here will be described one example of the media through which the information related to it. Namely NicePonsel.Com, latest technology news portal that serves a variety of information of the latest technology in the form of news.

Latest Technology News Portal

The leading portal site is here to answer the needs of the gadget lovers. In this case, you are in fact a hobby for reading the article about the gadget, it can choose NicePonsel.Com portal site as the main option. Of course this refers to the portal site the reliable quality and the accuracy of the news publication of the article which has been published every day.

Given the deeper, portal sites are addressed http://niceoonsel.com/ technology that not only provide general information about the release of the gadget. But you will also be presented some pertinent information such as depth reviews, detailed specifications, features stretchers, price range, and so forth. Therefore, you will be well informed about developments in the technology sector, with details of the gadget is so detailed.

Discussing NicePonsel.Com portal site design sector, you will find a page view with charming designs. Base color of white and light blue as well as figuratively additional black color, allowing our eyes to health is always awake while reading an article in the long term. In addition, you also can access the site through a variety of flagship devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers and the other with a display that can be customized terload fully and so well.

In other words, NicePonsel.Com portal site has a feature of responsiveness that can perform in a wide variety of devices responsive. Of course this will allow you to read the activity information the latest technological developments in the site NicePonsel.Com Latest Technology News Portal.

Thus, conclusions or lessons to be learned in this discussion is do not hesitate to visit the portal site NicePonsel.Com in the sense you will be facilitated in every way, including the activity of reading articles on reviews, specifications, features, and prices are always getting the latest gadget updates every day.

Latest Technology News Portal

Similarly, some of the important things that can be delivered to you the author NicePonsel.Com portal site Portal Latest Technology News, is expected as soon as possible you can access the site for all purposes in terms of the latest technology news.

// Latest Technology News Portal//

Advances in technology in the world , especially in Indonesia seems more real , especially in the field of Information and Communication Technology . Talking about information technology course in it have anything to do with the Internet . Globalization makes Indonesia seems to flow in them also . With the presence of the Internet seems like everyone who can remotely connect as very close , this is certainly a very good positive impact for us all along. Other tangible evidence is currently little boy was already introduced with the super-sophisticated technology , it is certainly very different from the situation before considering the advanced age like this has appeared .

With the Internet , we can access things more easily and quickly . With the internet connection is connected , you can access news sites that would add your insights . Not only that , if you have a school project you can find the source of reference on the internet so that you can more easily do it .

And speaking of communication technology , at the time of the all powerful we can already see evidence of that fact can not be ignored anymore . The presence of gadgets such as Laptops , Tablets , and Mobile simplest be a sign that the sophistication teknlogi is now growing rapidly .

With the electronic equipment would be very supportive of our work . Such as Mobile , with this one communication tool you can berikirim - send sms to the people closest to you like family and friends , or maybe you can talk directly to them without having to visit directly to their residence .

Well , we had been told that the technology is very closely related to humans . Therefore we also have to keep up with the times so as not exactly clueless . Because young children today have a lot more knowledgeable about technology than we do .

Here I want to give the place the most effective and well suited to find information about the latest technology . Is addressed in CahTekno.com sites , this site presents all the articles about the latest gadgets today, for example, Hand phone , laptop and other gadgets . Not only presenting his information only, this site gives a description / review in detail ranging from specifications and price . Surely this will allow readers to find articles that are concrete and clear .

So , it means you do not need to be confused again looking for a site that actually lends article about technology . The reason , today more and more outstanding sites in Google and mengasung technology theme but does not explain in detail this course will make the reader feel disappointed and langsun close the page . Well , CahTekno is the answer for you gadget lovers .

Then waiting for, get access right now and hopefully CahTekno.com with the birth of this website will answer your needs . Thank you for reading our brief review may be useful for us all .

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// Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro, High End Tablet with Support for S Pen//

After introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Series is now the South Korean manufacturer Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro for high end tablet market . This tablet is one of the biggest Android tablet ever released by the Samsung . Its about the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro has more than enough features to perform his duties as a tablet .

As the name of this tablet has a touch screen measuring 12.2 inches with technology Super clear LCD capacitive touchscreen . With support for 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution makes it appear with less density reached 247 ppi . Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro also uses the Android interface Kikat combined with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI . To process the recorded graphic display of this tablet also has a Mali - T628 GPU MP6 .

In terms of the performance of this super tablet relying 5 Octa Chipset Exynos 5420 which consists of a CPU Quad - core 1.9 GHz Cortex - A15 to execute heavy duty & quad -core 1.3 GHz Cortex - A7 to execute the task lightly . Usefulness two different Quad Core processor capability aims to minimize the use of 9500 mAh capacity battery that last longer .

With an increase of 3 GB of RAM memory is capable of multitasking tablet very smoothly . To save the data also contained 2 favorite choice of internal memory , which is 32 GB , and 64 GB . If you are lacking in flavor you can add it to the sdcard up to 64 GB .

In the sector of photography Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro has 2 cameras which both have the ability to record full HD video . The main camera has a resolution of 8 MP complete with LED lights support . Meanwhile in the secondary camera located on the front has a resolution of 2 MP .

Reportedly , this tablet will be available in the version of LTE , and 3G . Regarding the price of this Samsung tablet according to estimates will be in bandrol price more than USD 8 million .

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